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Reaching your ideal weight can be an ordeal for some.

Reaching your ideal weight can be an ordeal for some people. Synonymous with dieting, frustration and deprivation, weight loss is often a long and painful road to failure. Most diets end in demotivation, and the weight gain that goes with it.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you understand your body in depth, and if you receive effective support, then losing weight can become child’s play. It’s through close coaching, which helps you learn how to lose weight and keep it off, that you can achieve lasting results without dieting.
Instead, we encourage a balanced diet, which allows you to lose between 1 and 3 kg per week, without counting grams or calories, and by eating everything.
Our The Undiet Plan solution will help you get back to your ideal weight, without frustration.

(45 minutes of tailor-made advice)

The Undiet plan in a nutshell

8 weeks of online coaching

Personalized follow-up

Coaching 24/7

Group program

Quick results

Anti yoyo effect

The Undiet Plan coaching

Thanks to our two dedicated coaches, you’ll never be alone again. We’re with you every day, from 7am to 11pm.

Undiet support makes all the difference: daily advice, answers to nutrition questions, recipe ideas, etc. You are followed by dedicated coaches who are committed to achieving your personal goals.

Our goal is clear: to ensure that your weight is never a problem again, and that the 8-week Undiet coaching program teaches you how to manage your weight for life, without the yo-yo effect.

“After the first day, I lost 4.5 pounds, and after my first week, over 14 pounds! Now, the Undiet plan is my new religion, and I know I won’t gain the weight back. I have the method, the knowledge and the keys to guilt-free eating.”

P., 40-year-old man

I now know that I hold the keys to losing weight. It’s a real investment in the future of my health.
A big thank you to the coaches for their patience, dedication and for keeping me motivated.

M., 44-year-old woman

On the very first day, I lost 1.5kg! And after the first week, I had lost over 14lb !!!! Today, I know that the Undiet plan is the long-term solution and that I’ll never regain the weight I’ve lost. I now have confidence in the method, all the necessary knowledge and the keys to a guilt-free diet.

P., 39-year-old man

I now know that I have the keys to lasting weight loss. The Undiet plan is a real investment in the future. A big thank you to the coaches for their patience, dedication and incredible support.

M., 42-year-old woman

After a few months, I had lost 24 pounds, which is quite a feat for me. I completed my weight loss journey over a year ago and haven’t gained a pound back. Today I feel lighter, fitter and more confident than ever. I’ve also noticed a significant difference in the way my clothes fit, which is great. I went from a size 8 to a size 2! Everyone around me noticed and congratulated me.

V., 34-year-old woman


How does the coaching plan work?

It all starts with a phone call to one of the Plan Undiet coaches, who will explain the basics of the program.

If you decide to sign up for an 8-week Undiet Plan coaching session with us, we’ll give you a start date for your program (there are monthly start dates at the moment). Our Undiet Plan coaching program lasts 8 weeks, during which you will join a group of “coachees” and be monitored, motivated and supported on a daily basis by The Undiet Plan coaches.

We’re always here to guide and advise you, whether you need a boost of motivation or help choosing a dish from a restaurant menu.

At the end of your 8-week program, you’ll be perfectly capable of controlling your weight over the long term, without the yo-yo effect. Our goal is to give you total control over your weight for the rest of your life!

Will I be hungry?

Our program is based on culinary pleasures and satiety. You won’t count calories or weigh your food, and you’ll eat as much as you feel is right for you. To date, no Undiet participant has ever gone hungry as part of the program!

Should I fast?

Intermittent fasting is optional in the program, but by no means compulsory. You can only decide to start intermittent fasting if you want to.

Is it compatible with sports training?

Although sport is not a prerequisite for weight loss with our method, we encourage you to combine our program with regular fitness sessions, or any sporting activity of your choice.

Can I still have a social life?

Eating out, visiting friends or going to business lunches is an integral part of our lives, and our method can be adapted to your social and professional life. The Undiet plan is perfectly compatible with eating out and social and professional obligations.

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